Saturday, December 29, 2007

who's badd...?

i was listening to my favorite radio show while driving the other day (for the record it's Coast To Coast AM, they talk about psychic stuff, conspiracies, ghosts, demons, o.b.e.'s, near death experiences, bigfoot, 2012, 11 11, alternate histories of jesus, etc.)

this particular show was about a philosophical priest that had performed over 10,ooo exorcisms. one day he was holding an exorcism seminar at a church, halfway through his speech a man jumped up out of the crowd and ran towards him spewing obscenities and blasphemy and threatened to kill said priest.

when talking about the exorcism that immediately occurred (on audio tape, mind you) after said incident, the priest began rattling off strange facts about the demonic victim: "Kevin"
apparently Kevin was once part of a popular singing group from the early 90's...
now the priest being an older gentleman had no idea of the cultural significance of this group, whose name he struggled with for a while, but finally it was revealed...
Kevin was a part of Color Me Badd and their song was titled "I Wanna Sex U Up."
then they played the tape... a demonic voice (emanating from Kevin) began screaming: "HE'S MINE I OWN HIM BLAH BLAH BLAH GURRRGGGLLEEE RAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

i almost crashed my car.

Now Brian from CMB is apparently on a new boy band reality show and drinks a lot of wine and the George Michael lookin' dude is a father and tire store owner and the Kenny G. lookin' dude is a cokehead (according to my Google research).

I'm friends with Kevin on Myspace, he makes gospel music now.


Andrew said...


Market Virus said...

woah, the guy from color me badd sounds a lot like the guy from darkthrone.

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samit said...

you didn't know that?!

everbody knows 'I want to Sex U up' was about succubi.

what do you think oooh oooh ooooh oooh was about? He was tryin real hard to be spooky.