Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the dpt are extortionists

the parking in this city is insane... duh, like a bad sci-fi novel, the tyranny is obvious, immediate and accepted (because it is impossible to win a dispute with people who can "legally" hold your car for ransom).
so i get a ticket this morning for residential parking, i was half expecting one, since the "rule" is 2-hour parking limit in residential areas starting at 8a.m.
i'm not going to pretend that i was up bright and early this morning moving my car in order to avoid a citation...
anyway, i pick up the ticket and notice that the time the ticket was issued was 9:45 a.m.
yet, i should "legally" be allowed to park until 10 a.m., then it's game on
they didn't have the common decency to wait 15 minutes to issue my citation, they didn't even respectfully lie to me, now i'm out another $50 and face the possibility of my car being "booted" and possibly towed while i sleep

someone told me that they got a ticket for street cleaning once, but it wasn't the day that cleaning was scheduled, instead, the dpt agent dated the ticket for the previous day in order to issue it...

poop on the dpt
poop i say


jennifer said...

check the license plate number on the ticket... peeps are always stickin their tickets on other cars hopin some sucker will fall for it and pay up so they won't have to...

samit said...

I didn't know that. Who the fuck does that?

Hey, maybe Chavez should stick on someone else's car....hmmm...

well, I'm no sucka for peeps stickin' tickets.

jk/ J-fer