Friday, December 14, 2007

raised by drag queens

just a bit of background...
my mother's brother was a drag queen, my father's brother was also quite out, plus my best friend since jr. high came out to me years later and one of my best friends at work likes the bears (and i don't mean sports)
i know that's kinda like saying; "i'm not racist cause i have black friends" but it is important...
in the 80's my uncles were very into the dj scene and i was exposed to artists like Sylvester (her) and the diva periods of many already famous singers like Diana Ross (how many costume changes per show, ummm... every song).
What's the point, well, people think it's recenty become hip to be gay or metro, it was never not cool...
Diana Ross "Muscles"
(written by Michael Jackson)
my nominee for the creepiest homo erotic video made by straight people
(for further proof just look at the back cover of the 2nd Rockwell album, or any album by Full Force)

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