Thursday, December 13, 2007

where there's a fear there's a way


we all make them...

some of them are actually funny...

most aren't

so i make a joke at work today during a rousing discussion about b-horror movies:
"how come you never hear about anyone being murdered with a jackhammer, i mean, why not go for it"

so as a joke i put "jackhammer murder" into the google search engine...
it comes back with a film entitled "The Jackhammer Murders"

the tag words for the film are: jackhammer, lesbian, crystal meth... it just keeps getting deeper, supposedly the film has quite a homo erotic tinge as well, for all of the male characters strip to their underwear at random points in the film, and most are jackhammered through the mouth.

random note: the best Leprechaun film is part 5 which takes place in space, it has lines like: "let's hurry up and do this job so I can get drunk."

however, in part 4 he does smoke weed with Ice-T
and in part 1 he kills someone with a pogo stick, then there's the running gag about the guy with the injured leg where he'll run by and hit the guy in the leg and yell: "how's your leg"

i'm a little drunk right now

love jason


Andrew said...

sorry jason it's 4 not 5 that takes place in space

j chavez said...

told u i was a bit drunk