Monday, December 24, 2007

Andy Panda

so i was watching this movie

and fred savage,the wizard, and some little girl were running into universal studios to attend the gigantic nintendo competition. i noticed one of the extras was a guy dressed up in a cartoon character suit, it looked kinda like mickey mouse with a different head. after rewinding it a couple of times i also noticed a child squealing out an excited "andy panda!".
PhotobucketPhotobucketdon't you guys think that he looks like mickey mouse? i do. this isn't coming to the point that the lesser known andy panda came before mickey mouse, i just wanted to spread awareness of his existence.
and now for something completely different


jennifer said...

wtf? spock singing about hobbits? where do you find this stuff???

samit said...

a magic ring he stole?

spock's pimpin' hobbits he found in space?

Does Andy know about Andy Panda?

He's gonna freak.

Easy, you find em on the internet when you search Google for keyword0'spock singing about hobbits'

samit said...

I didn't know you could play Rad Racer with a Powerglove? Where the fuck was I when everyone was playing Rad Racer with the Powerglove?!?! I love the Powerglove.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

why do we not yet own any full lenord nemoy albums?

samit said...

Because they are expensive, ultra rare and his name is leonard.