Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i can't stop... rainbow quest is my new addiction

johnny cash and june carter

roscoe holcomb (looks like burroughs)

elizabeth cotton (she plays her guitar upside down)

judy collins (doin' petes song turn, turn, turn)

kim loy wong and the highlanders steel band

mississippi john hurt

Rev. Gary Davis

Donovan, Shawn Phillips, and Rev. Gary Davis

buffy ste-marie

Bessie Jones and Children from the Downtown Community School

ramblin' jack elliot


jennifer said...

i love elizabeth cotten. and it's cotten, fyi, not cotton like the crop.

samit said...

you just wait one cotton pickin' minute Buster!! And that's cotton, fyi, not cotten like elizabeth cotten.

have you ever heard that expression? It sounds a lil' racist. What the fuck is a cotton pickin' minute.

Like how long is that?

Like an hour and a half- what the fuck yo? But it is an expression- I didn't make it up.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

you are right... it is, in fact, an expression.
and i, in fact, suck at spelling everything.

samit said...

That sucks that you got to spell everything. I'm sure any normal healthy human being would be drained from spelling everything and that would probably lead to lower performance near the time he's almost done.

Dandy comment- I know. i just woke up and feel like saying shit to my computer and the little people who live inside my computer. Fuck marco! You could be dead for all I know- I haven't seen you in years- you could be some weird freak pretending he's Marco on myspace.