Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If you like 'folk' music and art, you need to check folkstreams.net out.

I just watched this documentary :

Sorry, I couldn't embed it.


bike messenger boyfriend said...

for some reason this video wont play for me...

Market Virus said...

The Movie's Called Possum Trot, it's featured on their homepage.

Like all the film titles on the site there's a link to play it in realplayer or as an mpeg4.

it should probably work if you open it directly from Folkstreams.net.

Or try some other movie. They're all awesome.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

got it... opened it through real player...
absolutely amazing. i want recorded versions of all those songs.

Market Virus said...

I been geek'n out on this site all week, I have it on while Im working and stuff.
Everything I watched has been awesome but here's a reductive top5
in no order:

Stoney Knows How

Born for Hard Luck: Peg Leg Sam Jackson

Tales of the Supernatural

Sadobabies: Runaways in San Francisco

Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1910-1983

bike messenger boyfriend said...

this is perfect... i needed a new interweb video obsession since i went through all the episodes of rainbow quest on youtube...