Wednesday, October 31, 2007

cheerleader trampled


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the one where marco is high and mad as a hatter and raina is just mad.

click to listen

The Beatles--Magical Mystery Tour
The Pretty Things--LSD (live)
Amon Duul II--Archangels Thunderbird
Relatively Clean Waters--Hello Sunshine
Lucky Dragons--Compliment Song
Ariel Pink--Alisa
Hecuba--Peace and Money
Beach House--Master of None
Low--something with a "W" I can't read Rowan's handwriting
Babbletron--Clock Song
Commodore 64 Loading Screen Song
Panda Bear--Pills
Carnival of Souls
Death in June--Behind The Rose (Fields of Rape)
Running Man--Amierica
George Benson--White Rabbit
Henry Miller
Christopher Cross--Sailing (fucked up warped thrift store version)
Young Jeezy-- Go Getter
Prince--Bob George
Aliens--I am the One
Albert Hammond--It Never Rains in Southern California
A Mountain of One--Brown Piano
Studio--West Side
Gene Vincent--Be Bop A Lula
Bo Diddley--Gunslinger
Cambodian Cassette Archives--Unknown (Instrumental)
Karl Bryant and Count Ossie--Black Up

premature ejaculation and meltdown. Sorry Marco.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

flashbacks from ecuador

, ,

some of the fauna i came across: top is a mouse being eaten by wasps, saw this on a hike in the mountains. next shows marine iguanas basking in the sun on lava rocks storing heat before entering the water at night to feed, isabela island (galapagos)- there were thousands everywhere that scooted out of the path as our guide walked us through. last video is of white tipped reef sharks, they feed in deeper water and return to this cove to rest.

Friday, October 26, 2007

did anyone else catch the folk yeah festival in big sur this year?

i cant remember, it might have been something like this.

Monday, October 15, 2007

bmbf radio 10.12.07

t-rex-intro thingy
pink floyd-careful with that axe engine
neil young-the needle...
burning spear-jah no dead
jacob miller-tenement yard
inner circle-we are rockers
funkadelic-maggot brain
church of the universal... cult action-weird prayer dealy
djshadow w/ cult action on top
ariel pink-higher and higher
rollerskate skinny-trophy
bjork as a li'l kid-arabadrengurinn
brian eno-dead finks dont talk
boot camp click-think back
flaming lips-yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1
bob dylan-don't think twice its all right
coco rosie wit antony-beautiful boys
mississippi john hurt-hop joint
animal collective-that one track on the d side of feels with george carlin on top
some other stuff.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

when the dogs away, the bitch gone play. (raina is way cooler than us.)

rowan and raina may well have died.

you gots ta click it before you stick it...

better late or never?

click da tape.

Esquivel--Jingle Bells Intro
ODB & Macy Grey--Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
Buzzcocks--Orgasm Addict
Loretta Lynn--Coal Miner's Daughter
John Lennon--Oh! Yoko
Jose Gonzales--Heartbeats
Dead Prez--It's Still Bigger Than Hip Hop
Dan Deacon--Trippy Green Skull
Sonic Youth--Eric's Trip
Ariel Pink--Life in LA
Kate Bush--Running Up That Hill
Gil Scott Heron--Angel Dust
Joe Tex--Ain't Gone Bump No More With No Big Fat Woman
Moody Blues--Legend of a Mind
Indian Jewelry--Titanium
Prinzhorn Dance School--Crackerjack Docker
Stereolab--French Disko
Spacemen 3--Ode to Street Hassle
The Cramps--Caveman
Brian Jonestown Massacre--Starcleaner
Pink Floyd--Paint Box
Ramones--We're a Happy Family
Mudhoney--Sweet Young Thing
J. Dilla--Anti-American Graffiti
Xiu Xiu--Anne Dong
Brian Eno--The Great Pretender
Panda Bear--Pills
John Allair--What I Say
Irma Thomas--Time is on My Side
Josephine Baker--Where'd You Get Those Eyes
Silver Apples--Program
beck- soul sucking jerk.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

mark mothersbaugh interview

(member of devo and composer for wes anderson's films)