Saturday, June 30, 2007

Serge Gainsbourg translated

Douze Belles Dans la Peau

All the fantastic plays on words he uses are lost on the non-french speaker. He's filthy, he hates women, he loves women, he's lovely.
Gainsbourg en anglais

Exquisite Corpse...

The reptiles were horrified and shocked that the air conditioning had been sodomized and then smashed into pieces. However, when he found the body forever then we came upon a place that was like no other; it gave us a place where we could be ourselves and be whatever in a then and then and then--well, look, I know it seems like I'm stalling, but I really just didn't think that you'd still be there when I finished. Just because you are doesn't mean the end, the existence of Potato Land and maintaining poop on a stick, this land we live in is going to explode.

When the chinamen become balls of cocaine the universe will fall in a pile of rosebuds and, accordingly, the spaces were filled by old shoeboxes and empty bottles, but it never felt filled to a point that made anyone comfortable. Fortunately, I wasn't obliged to complete the ordeal--fitting because I was in no position to accept responsibility for sponsoring such mediocrity. (scribble scribble) And as the mist broke upon the bog I realized that beyond masturbation and television, I love popsicles.

By: a bunch of wasters

if you will be in l.a. before september 9th...

... do yourself a favor and go to the getty to see new works from tim hawkinson. this is also the venue for the west coast debut of hawkinson's uberorgan (which is worth the trip alone if you haven't been fortunate enough to see it on the east coast).

fingernail sculpture, 1997, 2 in.

uberorgan, currently at the getty

uberorgan in action

(when was the last time you saw people clap at art?)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Must I Cry

Not often, but once in a great while an emcee emerges with a sound so far ahead of the crotch grabbing bling bling status quo it makes you rethink every rhyme you've ever heard. The kind of emcee with testies to take you into his hellish maggoty nightmarish from hell world... you know to the paint ball battle field, the shower, his fat white baby momma's crib.

I'm proud to say such an emcee has surfaced in the face of all the "hip-hop is dead" nay'sayers. And out of my own homestate of Connecticut at that.

Reh Dog

These other mothafuckas just can't keep it this real.

What you ain't know that Woopie Goldberg gave birth to Akon's love child out of her asshole? Well here's your late pass lame, have a seat and pay attention.

I know what your asking yourself... yes he writes his own songs and makes his own beats and directs his own videos own his own maufuckin label, WHAT THE FUCK!

And this ain't no one hit wonder.... look shit up on iTunes. Dude is far more prolific than Kool Keith. And watch him leap cultural boundaries no rapper has touched in Raekwon objectified Asian girls on Cuban Linx, and Foxy Brown lied about being Filipino. Reh takes it there with Blacken Chinese man.

With over 30 video's posted on YouTube this is just the tip of the fuckin iceberg. I'm Telling You, Reh Dog is the future.... of EVERYTHING... GET FAMILURE

Thursday, June 28, 2007 order to use your head, you have to go out of your mind.


Have you ever clicked "next blog" at the top of the page?

You will suddenly feel AMAZING, like, way better than you did before.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everything that ever happened is still happening at the Library of Congress

Man on a tame zebra jumping a fence in East Africa (between 1890 and 1923)

After the earthquake - frame houses tumbled from their foundations, San Francisco Disaster, U.S.A. (July 29, 1907)

Prostitute at window. There are 140 prostitutes in Peoria, average age about twenty-three. Local physicians estimate ninety percent have gonorrhea and seventy-five percent have syphilis. Peoria, Illinois. (1938)

Two baby moose (between 1900 and 1927)

Dr. Harry L. Williams squirts LSD from a syringe into the mouth of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. (1955)

Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (Library of Congress)

Friday, June 22, 2007

sylvia plath and the world's ugliest dog

insecure penis's insecure penis

I massacre my arab straps and all the frothy brew expedites magnifying glass ;
I mollify my bellybutton lints and all is flagellate again.
(I use I caress you up inside my chocalate almond bar.)

The expanses go gravitating out in gay and passe,
And freckled nipple embarasss in:
I shave my boulangerie and all the eyebrow roams hangnail.

I shived that you placated me into granary
And intrigue me fagalicious, fondled me quite corpulent.
(I use I caress you up inside my chocalate almond bar.)

database placates from the asshole, slut's carpet stains passify:
squeeze cum-dumpster and undocumented alien's excerpt:
I shave my boulangerie and all the eyebrow roams hangnail.

I slurped you'd quantify the way you dictate,
But I gentrify dappled and I perservere your pontiff.
(I use I caress you up inside my chocalate almond bar.)

I should have masticated a sore instead;
At least when discotheque matriculates they horrify back again.
I shave my boulangerie and all the eyebrow roams hangnail.

(I use I caress you up inside my chocalate almond bar.)

Monday, June 18, 2007


...i've been high as a kite since early this morning... went to the e.r. with a knife lodged in my brain... neck spasms... or some other such nonsense.
got shot full of dilaudid, lost focus, nodded in and out with ice wrapped around the base of my skull... came to, chewed my lortab ate some ice cream... drifted onto the n and off to the haight... and now home. time to re-up.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


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listen to spring hall convert

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

damn commies.

...and completely unrelated, who the fuck wants to get pie tomorrow? i'll admit my obsession waned a bit... but weeks of twin peaks and acid binges have again strengthened my resolve.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

dreaming of mcdonalds, but anything will do.

i didn't take this picture... in fact i don't do much of anything. but i know people who do (andrew moran took it and it's copywritt bitch... fuck with it and you will be hunted down and molested by a persian cat who's had a sneezing fit which has consequently led to the falling out of its cute little kitty eyes.), none of it professional, at least not generally... often mediocre at best. but it is...
oh... i don't know this guy.

but i'm definitely a fan... and i plan on hitting up the bottom of the hill show on the 19th.