Friday, December 14, 2007

maggotz gone wild (bmbf radio 12.07.07)

bmbf radio is not on for today... beacause i'm sick... raina is dealing with finals... andrew woke up late and is now stoned and watching graffiti videos...
click here and check out last weeks show.

arthur lyman-south pacific moonlight
minnie ripperton-les flores
john coltrane-naima
halloween record-zombies

john cage- suite for a toy piano
robert in the powell st bart station
muni recording
flip wilson-the devil made me buy this dress
clandestine-radio rhythm
black dice-roll up
li'l wane-ride for my niggas
shittastic explosion featuring animal collective and boys next door
optimum aviary
pink floyd-atom mother heart suite
pope talking to yankee stadium about peace
blue cheer-roll dem bones
lucky dragons-mercy
christian death-gothic rock
pal abras con ritmo-coat mundi
my bloody valentine-i only said
tuxedo moon-desire
john cage-a room
ultimate spinach-ego trip
the lost poets- whaite man's got a god complex
charles mingus-wam bam thank you mam
wu tang - i can't go to sleep
purple canteen-brains in my feet
s.o.t.b.m.b.f.-maggotz in your eyes
south pacific/crazy guy
bullion-i guess i just wasnt made for this world(jdilla/beach boys)


samit said...

C'mon just cause Timmy's wearin a De La Soul shirt and yes, 'there's nothing Wu-Tang about that' but the guys still just a little Old Dirty Bastard- ain't he?

bike messenger boyfriend said...

dobie is the man in question. and no.

samit said...

Oh shit. I left some weird comment on Timmy's board thinking he was the man in question.

Timmy is a tad Old Dirty, don't you think? Have you read his blog on old lady pussy?

Who's Dobie? I liked his jugganaut track he spun

Have you read Chrales Bukowski's 'Notes from a Dirty Old Man'

Its dirty.

j chavez said...

i love that freakin' cat, i just want to feed it things

samit said...

Hey Chavez- I wanted to comment you back on that 'I just want to feed it things' remark but I couldn't come up with anything witty to say. So I hit 'back' and find myself staring at this cat trying to think of somethin to say. And I'm zonin' and I'm spacin' and but nothing. I can't think of anything to say at all about this epileptic pussy spazzin out on my screen. So I'm thinkin, 'what can I say about this damn cat' and before you know way too much has passed and I think I caused some brain-damage to myself.

j chavez said...

i've decided that the cat looks it's funniest when his mouth is closed