Monday, December 24, 2007

no homo: cuz there are homos out there!

i know the whole "no homo" thing is old news, but if you haven't already seen them, these clips are pretty funny.

camron speaks about no homo:

the evolution of no homo:

no homo in the shower:

no homo just in case:


samit said...

Rock the Mic is homo, you know what I'm sayin'

j chavez said...

it may seem ignorant but how else are straight men going to make insanely gay remarks without compromising their manhood...
it doesn't take much time when you listen to hip-hop to realize how homoerotic most commercial/gangsta rap really is, lots of weiner talk goin' on 'round here...

samit said...

Why do you think they call it 'Gansta Rap'

and rhyme about 'gangbanging' in the middle of the night?