Thursday, December 27, 2007

the level of flavor in this country

to begin: dumb = tasty...mmmmmmm mm mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmm.
walking to my car this morning, newspaper headline about man sticking his arm in tiger cage...tasty.
i figure if you put anything in a tiger cage the tiger will think it's a present and want to keep it, tigers are very fond of gifts, especially if they happened to be "wrapped" in a green or red holiday sweater sleeve.

the level of smarts in this country...

got to work at 11am today, i would normally be behind the scenes at my crappy record store job but everyone called in sick, so now i'm in the hip-hop customer service mode
i get a call at noon from a number i don't recognize, block the call, phone rings again, the number looks familiar this time... 831....8..3..1....
it's coming from the phone at my job.
i pick it up and say hello, my boss says hello back, then proceeds to ask about my hours for the day, when i can finally make it in because i was needed in the hip-hop section , i tell her i'm standing in the hip-hop section and had been for the past hour.

some guy comes up to me in hip hop and stands next to me, stares, for a while, then asks which living legends album is the best

go to mcdonalds, zone out on the fry machine, it's counting down then starts beeping, the numbers on the readout turn into letters that say: shake.
someone comes by and shakes the fries
that's how much that company trusts its employees, as this is happening i hear a rustling in front of me, a customer is attempting to grab, attempting to secure a plethora, attempting, of straws to accomidate his family, attempting, i realize he isn't looking at the straws he was attempting to grab, he was staring at a blank wall

i went to mcdonalds

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