Thursday, December 6, 2007

cmj hip hop chart

my new album with mc dopestyle is #3... whoot whoot

CMJ Hip Hop #1036

1 1 BUCK 65 Situation Strange Famous
2 10 HANGAR 18 Sweep The Leg Definitive Jux
3 8 DOPESTYLE The Little Happy Daly City
4 3 AESOP ROCK None Shall Pass Definitive Jux
5 2 JUNK SCIENCE Gran Dad's Nerve Tonic Definitive Jux
6 7 SOLE AND THE SKYRIDER BAND Sole And The Skyrider Band Anticon
7 5 EDIT Certified Air Raid Material Alpha Pup
8 19 DJ MUGGS VS SICK JACKEN The Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin Universal Latino
9 6 MAC LETHAL 11:11 Rhymesayers
10 22 PIECES OF PEACE Pieces Of Peace Cali-Tex
11 9 TALIB KWELI Eardrum Warner Bros.
12 13 BLUE SCHOLARS Joe Metro [EP] Massline/Rawkus
13 4 ILLER THAN THEIRS Iller Than Theirs Embedded
14 14 OTHELLO Alive At The Assembly Line HIPHOPISMUSIC
15 11 ROB SONIC Sabotage Gigante Definitive Jux
16 12 COMMON Finding Forever Geffen
17 17 G AND D Message Uni Versa Stones Throw Look
18 21 M.I.A. Kala Interscope
19 40 ANGIE STONE The Art Of Love And War Concord
20 25 YEA BIG AND KID STATIC Yea Big And Kid Static Jib Door


samit said...

wow. I've never heard your work but being snugly in between 2 def jux artists must be real cool for you. Those fuckers are out of control. I remember seeing a vid of Cannibal Ox do an interview back in 2001 on tour in Geneva, Switzerland- i mean, they were hittin that shit up before there name got established well in their hometown. The are so far ahead of their time they are operating backwards!

I don't know if you know Eliot Rich from Ithaca but he just did performance with Vast Aire at Castaways!

Oh my God! I can't stop using exclamation marks!

Congratulations! I'd like to hear your dope style sometime!


j chavez said...


on dopestyle's last album (dopestyle 1231) he does a track with vast aire called "sons of shazam"

samit said...

how would I go about hitting you up?

j chavez said...

i dj with marco and rebecca

samit said...

everyone djs with Marco and Rebecca.