Wednesday, December 26, 2007

predictions for 2008 by jason patrick chavez the 1st aka dj4am aka...crap...i don't know

the man "goddam" Billy Jam (irish born bay area hip-hop legend, founder of hip-hop slam and recent new york transplant radio activist, check him out fridays on wfmu online... put it in your search engine) asked me for some predictions for the coming year...

here's my bullshit response,
love jason.

predictions for 2008
by jason chavez

the cross cultural fusions happening in popular music will grow so varied that Frankenstein-esque new genres will have to be sewn together in order to describe the newest music like: gothic indie folk, or post-grunge screamo tech, or neuvo-retro contemporary pshycobilly christian , acappella death electro, braille, sunshine blues and every cd will have either a string quartet tribute or a downtempo remix
someone in everyone of these band will either have the chin-beard/dreads combo, extreme bedhead/facial grimace combo or will wear a necktie incorrectly

umm... every politician will lie

the people will become fed up with the structure of wealth in this country and simultaneously dismantle the i.r.s and the d.p.t.

every reality dating show that is intended to end in marraige will go for 1-2 new seasons and fear factor will introduce baby eating

food will become more processed and multi-functional

lonely and or socio-pathic people will be able to purchase robot mates

you'll be ably to rent your personal memories from netflix

society at large will realize that all of the celebrities that are featured in tabloids and on entertainment tonight-esque "news" shows are really unattractive/boring/not-so-smart and will focus on bettering their own lives, homes families and building intimacy with the people they chose to be their partners/mates

a famous musician will pass away and everyone will rush out to buy their entire catalog

i will eat lots of pizza and watch the young ones and golden girls on dvd with my boo.

i think that's it.

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samit said...

That had me laughing harder than a jackhammer.