Sunday, December 23, 2007

that's the last time i talk to a deaf person on the phone

so i'm at my crappy record store job when someone pages for "anyone to help line one"
they don't say why...
so i ask that turdburgler james dillon what the dilly is, he says the call is from a deaf person on relay and those calls usually take a while and he had to answer other calls, i tell him i'll take it, why not, i'm patient
(for those who don't know, relay is when you speak through a third party that types out the questions and responses for the deaf party and recites the typed parts to the non-deaf party, sounds simple right?)

here's what happened:
deaf guy: do you have the new metallica record?
me: i believe so
dg: what does it sound like
me: (after a brief friendly non threatening chuckle) ummm... i don't know, hard fast rock music? (i've never had to describe metallica before, the idea to me is a bit amusing)
dg: i'm sorry i'm an 82 year old deaf person that's never heard metallica, why is that funny
me: i wasn't, ummm, i wasn't trying to laugh at...

so then i say to the relay guy who obviously sold me out to a cranky old deaf guy making it look like i was laughing AT him: "just ask if he would like the cd on hold..."

relay guy: you're not allowed to talk to me, you must talk directly to the client

this fucker sells me out, makes me look like a jerk that makes fun of old deaf guys then won't help me at all, plus he's allowed the old guy to believe that i'm a "young lady" the whole length of the conversation.

me: so would you like the cd on hold sir
dg: yes young lady, what instruments do the young men play
me: ummm...guitar drum and bass for the most part
dg: are you still there
me: what name would you like the disc under
dg: (i won't tell you his name, that's kinda mean)
me: the cd will be on hold for you at the front register until tommorrow evening, thanks sir
dg: thank you young lady

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