Tuesday, November 13, 2007

video comments i've gotten in the last couple days.

i know, super lazy, right?

we played this on the radio show the other week... so i was happy as a pig in shit when jennifer posted the video for me.
to quote a weird guy from the bbc "here are the pretty things talking about that commodity we're all after... L.S.D."

now this one is strange because it's came up twice the other day... i some how slept on this video, even though it was posted to a friend and fellow contributor to this here blog's (market virus... check out the post right before this... perfect i tell you, perfect)myspace. he's had it up for month now, and for some reason i only just watched it... and then, low and behold, same day i got this...

and then lastly not leastly there is this... which was left for me by my friend betty at first person. i very much need to spend some time and watch this film in its entirety.

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