Thursday, November 15, 2007

do you like venetian snares? do you like black sabbath? do you like dub-step? well too fucking bad.

if it's something that would interest you, it's likely that yer a freak and you already know about/bought this on vinyl... but if for some reason or other you haven't gotten yer shitty li'l hands on it (i'm talkin' to you samit... yer hands are covered in shit...) then here ya go... the venetian snares dub-step remix of electric funeral... in all it's doomy, gloomy glory. (seriously check this shit out... it's pretty fucking amazing.)
snares-electric funeral
oh... and here is a link to download the new album my downfall
grab it, listen to it, touch yerself... go pick up the vinyl.
this shit is breath taking... all orchestral and somber... the majority of it moving along with out a rhythm section at all... it's only on 4 or 5 tracks that he gets all glitch happy and slides into breakcore mode and even then not abrasively so... it works... it really works.


samit said...

Listen pal, I'm gonna let the shitty hand remark slide only cause this is a rad gift you posting. I haven't listened to it yet- but will when the shitty mood strikes.

But I wanted to say, just the other day this British journal 'Computer Music' published an interview with Aaron Funk of Venetian Snares. I remember 2 interesting things he said. One- after a late night session, he continues producing his music in his sleep then when he wakes up he makes himself a cup of coffee and picks up where he left off in his dreams.

And the guys from way out in desolate Winnipeg, used to set up 5 or 6 ghettoblasters overdubbing with the onboard junk mic while throwing trash cans around and splice em but anyways...

He's from Canada and said that he just recently moved to Hungary with his girl and released his most depressing album yet called his downfall or something or another. When asked why Hungary? He's like, well there are a lot of sad artists that came out of there and being in a place like that, walking those streets, would feel fit for me- in other words- I thought I would feel better. Well, fuck be damned, he felt better alright! All his shit he's working on now is all ravey and giddy and totally bonkered-out looney toons. i thought it was kinda funny.

Anyways, thanks Mr. shit.

samit said...

oh, yeah! I forgot to say...he also mentions that he doesn't adhere to steady signatures- like all his shit is out of whack and is evolving from 4/4 to 15/32.748 or something.

But mixing that stuff is truly a feat.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

snares is one of my favorite things tomix into everything... what does that say about me?

samit said...

It says you have wreckless behavioral tendencies. That you are a socio-pathic anarchists that takes pleasure in destroying good things with excruciatingly obnoxious electronic music. nah~ he's beautiful sometimes- Doll Doll Doll fuckin' kicks but I have like 6 other records and when you strip it down to its core- his groove is the same and I find it rigid and jerky. Its like a fucking waltz. I can't get into his flow but as fars as technical sculpture- he's genius (and cheats on his girlfriend (I saw it in Brooklyn~ I was at this artspace thing standing there trying to tell him how 'technical' i think his music is all the while some hottie was trying to get into his pants...)

what was I sayin? Oh, yeah Venetians vast fluctuation in time signature could result in really interesting transitions- keep that shit up.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

i will