Monday, November 19, 2007

look at your game girl.

look at your game girl
one of my favorite charlie manson tracks... he really did have allot going on despite how it all turned out... i mean if you ignore the child prostitution, brainwashing, murder conspiring, cult action... he could have made it as a pretty amazing freak folk artist.
i know i've posted about him before... and i probably will again... what can i say the guy is interesting.
it's really dennis wilsons fault the tate murder deally happened.
in 1968, dennis picked up a couple of female hitchhikers, and took them back to his place on sunset... by the following night the family was all up in his grill... they stayed there for months eating up all his snacks usin' his towels and shit... you know generally bein' annoying... but manson had the girls work as servents to earn their keep... was it worth it in the end? prolly not... wilson dropped at least $100k dealing with various gonorrhea outbreaks among the family and handling some uninsured car crash action... all he really got out of it was a b-side.
manson version streaming clip(cease to exist)
beach boys version streaming clip(never learn not to love)
"On August 9, 1969, a group of Manson's followers brutally murdered Sharon Tate and other residents of a home formerly occupied by Beach Boys' producer, Terry Melcher, who had moved out just a short time before."
charlie was pissed because melcher had dissed him.... never would have happened were it not for dennis wilson.
the beach boys still rock though.


samit said...

DAMN!! Eatin' up all his snacks?!?!

another b-side story: When Roman Polanksi found out and rushed over to Jack Nicholson's house, his then wife (Chinatown era) Angelica Huston wouldn't let him call the cops cause they had coffee table top decked out in cake.

I know someone who has a necklace made out of barbwire from Spahn Ranch- thought it made for cool bling bling.

jennifer said...

cake was illegal in the 60s? we've come a long way, baby...

samit said...

No. Marshmallows and brownies were legal. Cake was big no-no back then.

j chavez said...

you should check out dennis wilson in the movie "two lane blacktop"