Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hip-hop philosophy

so i played the sideroom for jurassic 5 at the fillmore once, played some old soul records, cool, jurassic 5's fanbase is largely caucasian, not a big deal, white people like me, i did think it was funny that the opening band was x-clan (devil, white devil, devil).

not dissin' x-clan, i've been a fan since the late 80's, brotha j's "dark sun riders" project is one of my favorite records, they were playing for devils though and not a speck of pork in the building

anyway, all of jurassic 5's merch was insane, like $2million for a baby tee, they had lots of baby tees, so i see a sign that says "x-clan t-shirts $12, if you buy a shirt get a cd for $5"

i'm like cool, let me get an x-clan shirt, so i ask the merch lady if they have a medium, she's like: "naw, just x-large"

fuckin' hip-hop...

some guy asked me if i'd ever heard rakim before, yesterday while i was at work, i said sure, he hold me that someone had told him that rakim was like charlie bird (parker i assumed)

i said, as far as innovators go, they were both at the head of their respective styles, but bird was imrovisational and hectic, yet melodic...while rakim was very mathematical and calculated.

"so they're not alike?"

"not really" I say.

"well, there hasn't been any innovation in rap since rapper's delight"

i thought we were having a cool conversation and then dude sucker punches me with the sugarhill gang, that record sucks, unless you have to play a wedding, at a country club...hmmm


bike messenger boyfriend said...

i hate playin all those country club weddings.

j chavez said...

ungrateful bum hugs