Monday, November 12, 2007

Ruben Oritz Torres/ Alien Toy

Salvador Muñoz is an alien. He came from Jalisco to California.

As an outsider from the low rider community he was able to free himself from the classicism of the Chevy Impala. He is a self taught iconoclast. He transformed a 1973 Nissan pick-up truck into "Wicked Bed".

The bed of the truck rises and spins opening itself in four independent parts. The doors shut out and spin fast while the hood jumps off and spins too. The front of the truck separates itself from the back and drives around independently while the rest of the car dances.

Like some sort of doctor Frankestein he has given life to this aggresive irrational machine. The future is happening and is out of control like a mutated virus.

Technology has been appropiated and used in seductive unexpected ways. It has become a tool of culture jamming and resistance in the streets.

Barrio ballet mechanique.


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bike messenger boyfriend said...

it's like truckasaurous' super awesome immigrant cousin... via marriage/nafta...