Monday, November 19, 2007

BMBF RADio 11-16-07 (i think we're really on to something)

clickity the fish

weird japanese dollar store record/magic star traveler
paul winter whale song action/muni station field recording/yume bitsu
trees community-psalm42
supremes-come together (beatles cover)
taking heads-drugs/coil-her friends the wolves
julianna barwick-dancing with friends
wisconsin death trip/meaning of life/scary sounds from holloween fx tape
cocoa brovaz-cash
tony scwartz-fieldrecordingkidstalkinboutgod/wierd samples/gary higgins
venetian snares-colorless/h.d.
juicy banannas-bad man
laurie anderson-from the air
silver mt. zion-something off "he has left us..."
elo-telephone line
texas gladden vs plaid sample
authechre vs a scanner darkly vs rainforest noises
joe tex-the love you save
lula cortes eze ramalho-meracas de fogo
zen record/texas gladden-ghost story
set me free
jacob stultz-rockin
trapdoor action


samit said...

who did the autechre/scanner darkly/rainforest piece? That guy's a fuckin' boob.

Marco- please, have a seat. You're turning into a robot. For real. A fucking robot. It seems as though without the vovoder, you still contain some sort of bionic effects processor unit in your esophogus for you are naturally delaying your words out while amping up the feedback, doing some realtime cut/splice looping and phasing. This is a problem. I don't to see you sneakin' up on street corner beatboxers and start delaying out there snares and panning cymbals cause you might get your ass kicked.

stop it Marco. Its gonna become a habit and before you know it- hey you wanna go out to get somethin' to eat? Yeah, I'm really in the mood for Burger King- get one of those juicy Who-who-who-wauuuu-Pers-puh-puh-puh with some Onion Rii-nn-bleep-bloop-bloop-DE-eeh-oh-dings.

sorry. I'm just kidding. I love charlie marco. and I love BMBF though he's already someone's BF.

samit said...

Oh, and I forgt to say: there are reasons why i love charlie marco.

This mix:venetian snares-colorless/h.d.


juicy banannas-bad man

was slick as jello.

samit said...

oh, wait. jello's not that slick. Well, not as slick as ice. But BMBF ain't ice yet.

bike messenger boyfriend said...


samit said...

you're welcome?