Friday, November 9, 2007

M.D.A. exquisite corpse

strange and giggly... waves of slight nausea... feeling that self is heavier than before... feeling of detatchment from limbs.

loss of attention span... light visuals... still detached but with a bit more control... overt interest in spatial relations... heavy waves of euphoric body high...

prone towards distraction... still waves of body high... still light visuals... more straight forward awareness of high vs. sober thought.

more controlled thought... still lightly visual... fewer and less intense body waves... this stage lasted for several hours thereafter and on into the next day.

and then this is round about what would have happened were the like corpses of the evening joined.

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samit said...

Holy macaroni! That's groovy dude. I love how drugs have this luvvy dubby image like peace and love and rose-tinted sunglasses but someone comes along and smashes it and then puts it back on. Drugs are supposed to be horrifying! Like a thousand eyeballs flying at you horrifying.

Any telepathic interfacing when drawing with others?