Wednesday, November 14, 2007

free music for everyone... or some shit.

so i finally signed up for a fucking rapidshare account. it's free, so why the fuck not.
from now on i'll be vomiting up mp3's on consistent basis.
here we go...
the following are various motown artists covering the beatles:
(offensive image action crazy time)

...the overtly familiar marvelettes version of please mr. postman is oft bubble gum type stuck in my brain and i don't even try to dig it out with flatware or the like.
please mr. postman
stevie wonder freaking out with his harmonica all over we can work it out has a tendancy to pierce its way out of background listening environment into conversation center piece action...
we can work it out
she's leaving home is just plain fucking weird... i think its late motown and vocally sounds extremely contemporary... like it's a new track from one of the not beyonce's in destiny's child... but instead its some chick named syreeta... and then theres the weird, these robot voices doing the parents part and generally just creepin' out all over the track, i cant help it... i love it... been listening to it on repeat fer some days now. (lame note though.. i despise common, and most other gap comercials for that matter, and he apparently sampled slightly from this song on his new album... i overheard the track playing from someones i-pphone the other day.)
she's leaving home
the other on loop listening chunk i've been pounding into my lump of gray mass as consistantly as possible lately is the supremes version of come together... vocally it's all delicate and tinny. it captures it's psycedelic subject matter in a way i didn't know the supremes could... well fuckin' a.
come together


samit said...

I'll take some shit please.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

ask and you shall recieve.

samit said...

"Let them take shit!”

- Attributed to the scandalous Marie Antoinette, who purportedly uttered this infamous phrase in response to the report that the peasantry had no bread to eat—and who was ultimately led to the guillotine as punishment for her part in the royal excesses that resulted in the French Revolution.

Not as good as cake but you know~

Hey BMBF- you holdin' cause I'll take a little if you got some.