Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No seriously....print your name.

Not scribble,not sign..that means no cursive.I've got to put your name in the computer because my dispatchers are too lazy to do it themselves.You'd think that because these "pro"-fessionals got degrees,b.a.'s,master's,blah blah blahs in architecture,law,interior design..that they can follow a easy instruction like print your name.But thats just a very minor annoyance.shit could be worse.My job could involve holding dicks like that one job phil had..but i digress.I don't even know what digress means but i'll do it anyway.I mean i cant bitch too much,my job involves riding bikes and being outside all day,putting stickers on things,smoking things,and listening to the first black moon album on repeat.repeat.repeat.