Wednesday, November 21, 2007


But since its my bday heres just a little bit more.

go outside and ride your bike.

Chill for a minute doug e fresh said silence



samit said...

Happy bday. Its also your dday. that's right:your deathday. Because i played the last BMBF show backwards and it told me in a secret language that Danny's bday will end in his dnight. I don't what i'm talkin about.

samit said...

here's my present: you once said, I don't know if you remember, but its one of those proverbs that changed my entire life. You said on radio: technical dolphins. I'm not sure what you meant but its mad deep. I odn't even think you remember me. If you do- great. and if you don't- Fuck your b-day.

Christina said...

wow. i just came by to say happy birthday and go so confused by the comments above. it's your birthday already? you rule. xox t

bike messenger boyfriend said...

i love d.k.t.v.
happy birthday fool.

len bias said...

thank you thank you.who could forget samit?samit you still playin that weird ass noise

samit said...

Of course. I LOVE ass noise.