Saturday, February 2, 2008

this one is for the true hip hop nerds

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saw this album at my rekkid sto' job today
east coast dude, okay
has Rob Base (YEAAAHHH! WOOOO!!! IT TAKES 2) on 2 songs...
in 2007
not 1, but 2,
bookending the cd no doubt, he loves Rob Base (YEAAAHHH! WOOOO!!! IT TAKES 2) so much still... in 2007,
that he begins and ends the album...
he has Mopreme Shakur on the album (relative of 2pac, former rapper for Prince I believe, could be wrong)
so Rob Base (YEAAAHHH! WOOOO!!! IT TAKES 2) on the album twice, Mopreme Shakur and then...Havikk from South Central Cartel (LA based here and gone 90's Gangsta rap group).
He has Havikk from S.C.C. and not Havoc from Mobb Deep (who is much geographicly closer and more prominant)
just for the record, Mobb Deep's members are Havoc and Prodigy while South Central Cartel's lineup includes a Havikk and a Prodeje, who later went solo as Havikk and a Prodeje.
Okay, New York rapper has Rob Base (YEAAAHHH! WOOOO!!! IT TAKES 2) on his cd, well, makes a bit of sense, both from NY (but twice?) then has Mopreme Shakur, okay could happen, then has obscure opposite coast rapper Havikk from South Central Cartel on a son called "We Be Smokin'" along with Bay Area came and went rapper Mac Mall?
this is way too Twilight Zone for me...
this cd defies all of the rules of logic.

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