Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Philip Glass on Sesame Street

courtesy of yootoobsuxx
Here's a series of animations called 'Geometry Of Circles'
Philip Glass wrote the score for Sesame Street in 1979.
No info on the animator though, sorry.

This gives me hope that there's some long lost technicolor freak-out by Terry Riley about cooperation, or a cartoon with a musique concrete piece by Steve Reich that teaches you to count to 12 in Spanish.


bike messenger boyfriend said...

absolutely fucking amazing... i had heard a rumor that he had composed the mac start-up sound... but upon further investigation i can find nothing to back this up... and it would in fact appear that this sound was made by a guy named jim reekes... also awesome... just not quite as awesome.

samit said...

ultra-radical super-cool duper-dope