Saturday, February 9, 2008

sweet sweet gangstas

just found a cd by the lost 90's chicago gangsta rap group O.C.U (Organized Crime Unit) notice no period after the U (that's how it is on the cd cover, which by the way is called "Stronger Than The Mafia") it's not often that you see a dude in a pinstripe suit grabbing his package.
couldn't find the cd cover but stole this e.p. cover off of a rap blog:

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backing vocals on the album were committed by "Tee Bag a.k.a. Doom"
group members include Homicidal MC, Impact, Murder 1 (not 2 mind u, 1), Sudden Death, DJ Tragic and last but not least, Peter Black (whom i am assuming is the akward white guy of the posse)

ummm... i also found this:

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his name is sweetenlo (like sweet-n-low...uhhh...sugar substitute....

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