Saturday, March 1, 2008

stolen from samit.

...i took this from a bulliten samit tossed up. the first video is just an explanation of the dream machine... my suggestion would be don't expect too much and prepare yourself well before jumpin into this... get yer room to a well darkened state... click on the lower right coner of the video screen so as to copy, paste and follow the video link to youtube and make it full screen.. in fact, i'll make it easier... click here... now just make it full screen.
samits post.
Spend a hot minute with this vid.

keeps your closed. Its modeled after Brion Gysin's Dream Machine- used and abused by the likes of William Burroughs and Genesis P. Orridge. There are pages of maths and critical flicker frequency rates and shit- fucking with your electro-magnetic oscillations.

Give it a shot- see what happens. And if you drink soda while you do this you most definitely will blow up.

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and here is an html version brian found.


Market Virus said...

This site has a HTML version

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samit said...

Oh thanks that's cool. I like the ability to control the rates but i think there are very specific frequency rates. I'll have to look them up. But only certain rates synchronize the way its supposed to.