Thursday, March 27, 2008

binge, cringe

i was kind of a weird teenager. "yeah, yeah, so was i," i can hear you say. let me explain...

during the summer of 1992 i listened to two albums, back to back, several times a day, every day, over and over all summer.

i took my walkman and these 2 tapes EVERYWHERE. we vacationed on the florabama coast (aka the redneck rivieria) and i would stay inside the condo listening to my skinny puppy/wham! loop while my brother and sister were soaking up the sun.

for a teensy little taste of the fun i had that summer, watch these videos. i've included the infamous "banned" video for worlock, my favorite track off the skinny puppy album. i didn't know too much about them at the time, but apparently they were staunch vocal opponents of animal cruelty. interestingly enough, i stopped eating meat that same summer. coincidence?

unfortunately i couldn't find a video for credit card baby, one of my favorite tracks off the wham album. i did find a homemade video for heartbeat made of clips from my little pony tales, but in the end i decided to go with this rainbow-soaked lip synching dance party extravaganza performance of freedom.

enjoy. and then enjoy again. and again. and again.


bike messenger boyfriend said...

binge, purge... watch both videos simultaneously. FUCK!!!

samit said...

Marco- you think you could mix those two? I keep hearing 'habitual resistor.
roughed up edge, fluent nudge, pre-collect ignition.
motivation inexistant.

wasted views,
thats all they see blue,
hot blood, guilt, optic nerve.

intermixed with: 'you can have my credit card baby
but keep your red hot fingers off my heart

red hot fingers? hot blood? hot? coincidence?