Wednesday, March 5, 2008

nudity is hot. terminators rule. drinking games are stupid. random rules.

i don't remember when i ended up with these...
but i found them while going through the stuff i transferred from my old computer.
there's very little about them that's even remotely special... that is other than the nudity... and chloe herself.
but i'm happy i ran into them. sometimes seeing a beautiful thing can brighten yer day.

i'm happy.
...and as bad as it is, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is the awesome.
terminator vs. robocop?

and here is a drinking game you can play while watchin' said chronicles.
(got it from a random google search about the show... copied from geek sugar.)
Beer Swigs:

* Summer Glau tilts her head to one side and stared intently = nine
* Thomas Dekker looks at the ground like a whipped puppy = three
* One of the high school kids looks at Summer Glau funny = three
* Someone mentions "The Turk." = a whopping eighteen
* Summer Glau repeats something someone has just said to her, in a robotic monotone = three

Whole Shots:

* Sarah Connor has a voice-over where she says quotes taken from literature or history, or talks about wise old sayings = three
* Summer Glau says something dorky, like "Thank you for explaining." Or tries to talk like a cool kid and fails = three
* FBI Agent Ellison reads, or quotes, from the Bible = one
* A Terminator other than Summer Glau is in a scene, and doesn't commit any violence = five
* John Connor has a surrogate-dad moment with Brian Austin Green or his ex-step-dad = two
* John Connor decides to prove he's a hero by doing something completely half-cocked = one

Healthy swigs and a whole shot:

* There's a discussion of whether Summer Glau has a soul = two
* Sarah Connor screams at her son, or cries = one
* FBI Agent Ellison starts acting like he believes in the Terminators = two

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