Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where are all of the female MC's? (free mix download)

I've been hearing a lot of people lately talking about women rappers and if there are any. Even my dad, as we watched Queen Latifah on Good Morning America, asked if there were many female rappers. There ARE many, however, we are dealing with a male dominated industry and many, very talented female rappers are overlooked. I've always loved female MC's because there are so many dope, unrecognized talents out there who rap from a different perspective than most people are used to hearing. I put together this mix a few years ago while I was working at Amoeba SF in the hip-hop section after a customer asked me where all of the female rap cd's were, I was ashamed that I could only come up with a handful of in-print titles. So a tribute, retrospective, compedium was necessary. I present the DJ4AM classic mix "The Ladykillers," because these ladies be killin' these mic's. It's in no way complete, but it's a pretty solid start.


Click the link to download:

(original cover circa 2004)

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