Tuesday, June 16, 2009

weegee's distortions

from matthewmarks.com:

"Arthur Fellig (1899-1968), known as Weegee, began work as a freelance photojournalist for New York tabloids in 1935. A decade later, he became famous after the publication of his first book, Naked City. His images of car crashes, murder scenes, and life in the streets of the city are widely known and enormously influential. Less well known, however, is the work to which he devoted the last twenty years of his life, what he called “his ‘distortions’, ‘creative photography’, or most often his ‘art’.”


me said...


DJ4AM (11:11) "ATLANTIAN REFUGEE" said...

so that's how they make supermodels

M. V. said...

excellent! I've never seen these before