Friday, June 5, 2009

for some reason, i've been severely lax on the showing the interweb things i like on the interweb front lately... well no more.

everything is terrible
not that there's much of a chance you don't know about this yet... i mean, if you are bothering to read this blog, you are likely severely addicted to radical insanity, pointless/pointed media, and possibly drugs... or maybe you just know somebody who knows somebody, and you really like inconsistency in updates. but i digress, did i have a point? yes... yes i did. everything is in fact terrible. and i very much appreciate people who can distill shit media down to it's crunchy, bitter awesome. and that's exactly what this is about... and yeah, thats right... i put the same link in 4 times now... so fucking go there (5) all-ready. it's not all perfect, but it is consistently horrible in an oft perfect way. scroll through the older posts... waste some time... if the numbers are right... theres a good chance you're unemployed... so have fun with it...
here's a taste... welcome to my mind.

why am i so different?


Owl Cave said...

woah... the baby huey song sounds kind of like a gary higgins song

me said...

ha... true.