Wednesday, October 29, 2008

news to me

Today Wednesday, October 29, 2008,
is the Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies
Here's a picture of the prayer taking place on wall st.

Here's a painting by Nicholas Poussin based on some passages from Exodus,

It's a painting about the sin of idolatry, prohibited by the second commandment. This is the scene right before Moses returns from the mountain and smashes the stone tablets in fury.

and I'm in a weird mood because all I've done today is read NRO with a silver mount zion playing in the background.


fresh said...

i didn't know satan had such a heavy hand in the stock market... maybe it's time we looked at his investment potential, i mean WHY NOT?

marco said...

i've been listening to allot of silver mount zion lately too... watching faces of death though... it's somehow less depressing.