Saturday, October 4, 2008

my wife seems to be joining a cult...

and this guy appears to have something to do with it.
i do have to to say that i am quite fond of the music...
Gurdjieff / de Hartman Music
and his moustache... i'm not entirely sure, as i really know nothing about him thus far, but i believe that his knowledge of the 4th way may indeed come from his moustache.

lot's of twirly dancing... that's a good sign.

...okay, i just finished watching the dancey video in it's entirety... and i think i might need to join this cult too...
takin' a ride on the 4th way highway.
...and soon, after some research and dance lessons, i will know what all this enneagram stuff is about(although i was just informed by the wifey that said enneagram is but one hair of the moustache that is the 4th way), and i will tell you... and we will have the coolest moustache dance parties the world has ever seen.
ps. here is a link to the video for cult of personality by living colour

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fresh said...

there's a few more interpretations of the mystic Gurdjieff here: