Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scenes From Blue Acid City

Blackness, sound of bong rip, fade in:

Stoned Woman in Red) Do you think Baudelaire ever wrote about extra terrestrials?

Stoned Woman in White )
(annoyed) Charles Baudelaire didn’t write about aliens.

Stoned Woman in Red) I know, but he smoked hash, I think he should have tried smoking through an Alien Bong,

Stoned Woman Behind Couch)I guess………maybe…….

maybe he might not have found hashish as ‘troubling’.

or such a ‘chaotic demon’ if he had smoked it through an alien bong.

(get's up and goes to window...continues talking)

I think that by placing an absolutely alien object at the center…

where you actually consume the hash….

That would have tempered the suspension of his smoking and knowing subject.

Stoned Woman in Red)
His alienated self would have a external substitute … in his field of vision.

Stoned Woman in White)
(annoyed) well I don't know..... I never had that problem.