Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nathalie Djurberg!

This is some installation video of Nathalie Djurberg 's new show at Fondazione Prada, which I guess just opened.

The first time I saw her stuff was a couple years ago now. I was pretty spun.

After my friends and me did a puppet show for this one gallery, I got stoned at the afterparty, then got ushered through a series of increasingly psycho techno parties, and we all had to take e to stay awake.

As I was leaving the last party one of the people I was with, ran into her friend on the way to the Berlin Bienalle, so we tagged along and I had the benefit of being shown around the place by a gentle, sober, serious-artist type.

I saw an animation called Tiger Licking Girl's Butt by Nathalie Djurberg and have always wanted see some more.

Now my favorite tech/design/fashion art blog we make money, not art has a piece on her.

I'm not really into tech, design, fashion or art which is why I think this blog is so rad.

It was started by Regine Debatty and for a long time she was the only one writing it. She has so much enthusiasm, insight, and writing skill that often I suddenly start caring about stuff I didn't think I cared about.

I saw lots of totally excellent work at that Bienalle and unusually for big shows like it,
I can remember it all, I credit the drugs.

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