Saturday, January 26, 2008

pot brownies

some stuff...
Dpz-we need a revolution
Faust-sad skinhead
Eno-driving me backwards
Yume bitsu
Fiery furnaces-inspector blancheflower
Panda bear-comfy in nautica
Johnathan richman-little dinosaur
Exotic island-
Acid mother’s temple/
Zen meditation record/
Persuasive precussion/
365 days project- Michael mills(keeping you safe from backwards satanic music)
trick daddy-Sugar(gimme some)
king geedorah-next levels
electrelane-the partisan
blonde redhead
hood headlinaz-rollin
xiu xiu-sad pony guerilla girl
Christian death-goth rock
Silver mount zion-god bless our dead marines
...some stuff (track list will be edited later...)


anne. said...

samit said...

Dude. Have you seen the Paula Abdul video for Opposites Attracts like back in '89 when shit was blowin' up?

She was fucking with cartoon cat! Like Pink Panther except it was tan with sunglasses.

Women like assholes cause they don't have one.

samit said...

MC Skat Kat associates himself with riff raff and all he can do is try to lift up her skirt. Has a temper, parties all night, is a smoker , and broke- a total playa. But what the freaky part is that they don't mention is that he eats cat food.

You ever try to screw a cat? It doesn't work.