Tuesday, January 22, 2008

and more 1-18-2008

the better of the best.

1.taboo-exotic island background lounge action/us talkin'
2.highway robbery-promotion man
3.syreeta- she's leaving home
4.iggy and the stooges- give me danger
5.sun ra-they'll come back
6.joe tex- i'm a man
7.ghost face-intro/screaming button/marco scream/ghostface intro
8.laurie anderson-from the air
9.zombie killer-leslie and the ly's
10.bjork-anchor song (black dog remix)
11.yume bitsu
12.christopher cross-sailing
13.electric wizard- Vinum Sabbathi
14.venetian snares-
15.kid 606-outkast-bob
16.wu-tang-the heart gently weeps Featuring erykah badu dhani harrison and john frusciante
17.psychic paramount-para 5
19.hanoi rocks- dont you ever leave me
21.cambodian psych
22.animal collective-loch raven/george carlin-drugs
23.a silver mount zion-Blown-Out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole
24.beach house-master of none
25.gandalf-scarlet ribbons
26.roxy music-in every dream home a heartache
27.safety first(our resident bike messenger boyfriend)- reading his daily manifest
28. &29.2 awesome songs


Market Virus said...

Hey! fucking cool show this week.
what's up with the tracklist?

samit said...

Oh my God- The intro to better of the best was so slick. That first track was loopiest song I've ever heard and the transition from when it died this slow swirling death into the guitar riff popped my brain. I think I got snot dripping out of my ears.

nice work fellas.

p.s.- tracklists are crucial to the radio show experience so bring it!

samit said...

Hey- can you tell me what song kicked in at 1:26

then the one at 1:34 plus the spacey song right afterwards?

smooth sequencing from that string piece- so good.

oh, while I'm at it. What was that White Rabbit remake- it had like flamenco style trumpets or something- I loved that song but can't find it cause nobody in the world knows of a flamenco white rabbit cover.

Its a hard life.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

soon... the last two shows we've had trouble with the sending of our tracklist... but, i'm taking are of it this evening.

bike messenger boyfriend said...

the white rabbit remake was george benson, i think... that was a couple shows back though...