Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the one where marco is high and mad as a hatter and raina is just mad.

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The Beatles--Magical Mystery Tour
The Pretty Things--LSD (live)
Amon Duul II--Archangels Thunderbird
Relatively Clean Waters--Hello Sunshine
Lucky Dragons--Compliment Song
Ariel Pink--Alisa
Hecuba--Peace and Money
Beach House--Master of None
Low--something with a "W" I can't read Rowan's handwriting
Babbletron--Clock Song
Commodore 64 Loading Screen Song
Panda Bear--Pills
Carnival of Souls
Death in June--Behind The Rose (Fields of Rape)
Running Man--Amierica
George Benson--White Rabbit
Henry Miller
Christopher Cross--Sailing (fucked up warped thrift store version)
Young Jeezy-- Go Getter
Prince--Bob George
Aliens--I am the One
Albert Hammond--It Never Rains in Southern California
A Mountain of One--Brown Piano
Studio--West Side
Gene Vincent--Be Bop A Lula
Bo Diddley--Gunslinger
Cambodian Cassette Archives--Unknown (Instrumental)
Karl Bryant and Count Ossie--Black Up

premature ejaculation and meltdown. Sorry Marco.

1 comment:

samit said...

nice set- kind of. Some parts are fuckin ecstatic and others just flat-out-shit.

Andrew- your set sequence of
Beach House--Master of None

was beautiful- slick as ice- smoother than a baby's butt, softer than baby poweder, fresher than a baby's burp

loved it.

And Marco- I'm with Raina that the Commodore 64's bubbly noise freakout has no frame of reference and also Andrew if what I heard was correct that 'it sounds like your cold and on acid'

totally. when you're cold. but yo Marco- what the hell does 'glicth-perfect' mean?