Monday, October 15, 2007

bmbf radio 10.12.07

t-rex-intro thingy
pink floyd-careful with that axe engine
neil young-the needle...
burning spear-jah no dead
jacob miller-tenement yard
inner circle-we are rockers
funkadelic-maggot brain
church of the universal... cult action-weird prayer dealy
djshadow w/ cult action on top
ariel pink-higher and higher
rollerskate skinny-trophy
bjork as a li'l kid-arabadrengurinn
brian eno-dead finks dont talk
boot camp click-think back
flaming lips-yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1
bob dylan-don't think twice its all right
coco rosie wit antony-beautiful boys
mississippi john hurt-hop joint
animal collective-that one track on the d side of feels with george carlin on top
some other stuff.


samit said...

I'm starting to see the creativity behind the vocal processing. your sense of the parameters are getting better and better.

Once you get the Kaoss Pad in you should try out some of the filtergates and stutterring beat cut-ups (like in the 60s range on KP2) or dub delays with heavy feedback. Another cool thing would be to start exploiting the sample/hold button. Like throw a phrase out there looping 'west-ass radio' and then input 'San Francisco' then in a couple of seconds you'll hear this mix- this dense ambience of the words 'San Francisco ass' over and over again delayed out into oblivion.

Long comment- sorry. As far as the music- you guys are weird. I like your mini-history lessons, though I don't jive with all your material- I'm learning.

fun interview- was it raining in the studio during that?

take care

lady anne said...

i think that you should try and play different artists every time...never repeat. no matter what! i double dare you.