Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Must I Cry

Not often, but once in a great while an emcee emerges with a sound so far ahead of the crotch grabbing bling bling status quo it makes you rethink every rhyme you've ever heard. The kind of emcee with testies to take you into his hellish maggoty nightmarish from hell world... you know to the paint ball battle field, the shower, his fat white baby momma's crib.

I'm proud to say such an emcee has surfaced in the face of all the "hip-hop is dead" nay'sayers. And out of my own homestate of Connecticut at that.

Reh Dog

These other mothafuckas just can't keep it this real.

What you ain't know that Woopie Goldberg gave birth to Akon's love child out of her asshole? Well here's your late pass lame, have a seat and pay attention.

I know what your asking yourself... yes he writes his own songs and makes his own beats and directs his own videos own his own maufuckin label, WHAT THE FUCK!

And this ain't no one hit wonder.... look shit up on iTunes. Dude is far more prolific than Kool Keith. And watch him leap cultural boundaries no rapper has touched in Raekwon objectified Asian girls on Cuban Linx, and Foxy Brown lied about being Filipino. Reh takes it there with Blacken Chinese man.

With over 30 video's posted on YouTube this is just the tip of the fuckin iceberg. I'm Telling You, Reh Dog is the future.... of EVERYTHING... GET FAMILURE

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