Saturday, June 30, 2007

Exquisite Corpse...

The reptiles were horrified and shocked that the air conditioning had been sodomized and then smashed into pieces. However, when he found the body forever then we came upon a place that was like no other; it gave us a place where we could be ourselves and be whatever in a then and then and then--well, look, I know it seems like I'm stalling, but I really just didn't think that you'd still be there when I finished. Just because you are doesn't mean the end, the existence of Potato Land and maintaining poop on a stick, this land we live in is going to explode.

When the chinamen become balls of cocaine the universe will fall in a pile of rosebuds and, accordingly, the spaces were filled by old shoeboxes and empty bottles, but it never felt filled to a point that made anyone comfortable. Fortunately, I wasn't obliged to complete the ordeal--fitting because I was in no position to accept responsibility for sponsoring such mediocrity. (scribble scribble) And as the mist broke upon the bog I realized that beyond masturbation and television, I love popsicles.

By: a bunch of wasters

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jennifer said...

mon cadavre exquis préféré!