Monday, May 5, 2008

hootie and the blowfish

i found this image when i put "hootie and the blowfish" into a google image search...

I never hated Hootie, in fact, I'm actually a closet fan, I felt like they made songs that made people happy. Growing up in a small town I have a small appreciation for bar rock. (maybe it's because i was roomates with a guy back in 1995 who looked like their drummer, played similar music, andwas a really awesome dude)
I also know that most shunned bands usually have a wider taste of music than their fans, musicians are musicians, just because we don't all make artistic statements, doesn't mean we haven't been impacted by some.
Hootie to me seemed like some college friends that got really lucky and never meant any artistic harm, they just played some music...

they also did a smiths cover...
you can click the photo to hear it...
(scroll down after clicking and click on the little listen icon next to the song penned by morrissey and marr)
it's not good, but it is (in my opinion) a heartfelt tribute, because really, what would they gain commercially from covering a britpop song.


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