Friday, September 14, 2007

hurricane shit.

i have serious control issues...or at the very least i have anxiety in regards to things that i do that other people are involved in. i can't stand todays radio installment... in reality, there isn't anything wrong with it, i just dont approve of some of the transitions. and this fact is slowly eating away at my brain. i do the same thing at clubs... if i'm uncomfortable with another dj's choices i hyperventilate and then take control of the tables (which i didn't do this time... take control that is)... i'm a baby. but it doesnt matter,thats the thing... it doesnt matter. my crazy isnt making any of it better. and there wasnt anything that was particularly wrong. i'm just a nuerotic shitstorm wholloping the coast with shitastrophy, bringing upon the shitpocolypse... one pathetic tantrum filled shitisode at a time. shit.


samit said...

Well, I sent a piece of my mind to Andrew already after initial impressions hours ago. Nothing has changed since so I'm just copy/pasting:

You down with FYAYBMBF?


Fun show- twisted and demented- but fun. Not butt fun. But fun.

Danny's mumblin' like a zombie 'Technical Dolphin Tears' what the fuck is wrong with that kid?

explain 'sabbatical islam' please.

Dude- your show is fucked.

The best was when Rhaina told you how professional you were and you're like, 'yes'

then she goes on to say how you should do one of those Mexican radio shows and just as you say 'I don't know Spanish' the Mexican in the back blurts out some disturbed utterance through the vocoder. Maybe you could do a Telemundo radio thing with Marco as your translator- on the vocoder.


And what was up with Marco goin' totut-tut-too-too-too


all night. seriously fun program. I wish there was a way for you to cut up the audio your archive so we could download individual songs

oh, and quit saying 'yer' its fucking retarded. That shit is so gay. Its 'your' not 'yer' I bet you lol too don't ya'

yers truly,


keep up the good work. Well weird work, anyways.

p.s. Marco- sorry for calling you 'the Mexican in the back' no disrespect. I love Mexicans.

Raina said...
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Christina said...

this post makes me love you even more than i already do marco.