Friday, August 24, 2007

i didn't see the devil, but i did see...

and he was pretty amazing... although it seemed a bit sad... he didn't play for very long, and there was no encore.
his voice gave out and got real gruff about halfway through. betty interviewed him fer a hot second, so i'm sure kids will be hearing that soon enough. seemed from my experience that he was probably heavily medicated.
i wonder what it must feel like to be that out of control at any given moment... either as a product of severe sedation or because of the lack there of.
my fathers crazy(whose isn't?)... but just straight severe bi-polar, medicated (40 somethin' pills a day), and only occasionally locked up. schitzophrenia's a whole other ball game though. whatevs...
watch the guys movie... he's brilliant.

and of course his music.
worried shoes
and his art.

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